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3. Finding New Construction Technologies to Streamline Efficiency

The use of aluminum mould technology is not new to Homex, as we started using this innovative construction technology in 2007. At that time, we identified the need for a strategic transformation of our construction process, industrializing the process from traditional concrete blocks to aluminum moulds, thereby achieving a more efficient and less labor intensive edification process, while at the same time improving the quality of our homes and generating important savings due to the standardization of prototypes and reduction in time of construction.

Even though we have been using this technology for three years, the continuous and increased use of our construction technology is a clear testimony to our non-stop evolution.
During the year we continued to identify new and better ways to obtain higher efficiency by increasing the effective working hours at each home, thus using each mould up to two times daily. At the same time, we improved materials logistics delivery to further streamline working hours, continuing to apply our modular building concept to reduce the number of project phases. This has been key to obtaining a more efficient working capital structure that has helped us to sustain our growth at the same time of mitigating the impact from an increased participation in vertical building prototypes, which take longer to build and collect, and the increased investments in relation to the company’s strategy to advance housing infrastructure investments to complete the edification and infrastructure process at the same time.