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Historically, and thanks to the flexibility of our business model, including our land bank policy, construction technology and housing prototypes and experience, we have been distinguished by our ability to shift our product offering and mix to follow mortgage and demand trends. At the same time we have dedicated appropriate time to communicate directly with our customers, learning firsthand about their needs and preferences to provide them the best housing solution.

During 2010, we remained focused on the affordable entry-level market, our core business, strategically adapting our product offering to serve unattended markets in Mexico where we continue to see strong mortgage availability through INFONAVIT and FOVISSSTE. Additionally, during the year this market segment additionally benefitted from a recovery of 730 thousand jobs in México and by the continued economic challenges facing small- and medium-sized homebuilders who typically attended the higher segment of the affordable entry–level, and where we continue to gain market share.

For the year, the affordable entry-level represented 89.2 percent of our total homes sold and 67.6 percent of total revenues.

At the same time, we continued to reduce our exposure to the high middle income segment, as a result of tighter origination criteria at commercial banks and lower participation in the segment from Sofoles. We have concentrated our efforts to serve the middle income market through co-financing products from INFONAVIT and FOVISSSTE, maintaining an average price for the segment below Ps.1.0 million. The middle income segment represented 10.8 percent of our total homes sold and 26.3 percent of total revenues.