Middle Income Lending

During 2010, mortgages for the middle income segment continued to be constrained, as commercial banks and sofoles continued to be the main source of financing to the segment. Financing to the segment was importantly supported by co-financing products through INFONAVIT and FOVISSSTE. During 2010, INFONAVIT co-financed products represented 19.7 percent of the total mortgages placed or 93,724 mortgages compared to 9.1 percent or 40,655 mortgages during 2009.

During the year, sofoles contracted their lending by 61.0 percent, as a result of the continued liquidity constraints for these entities which have not been able to access the market through mortgage backed securities in view of their still high non-performing loan ratios. Sofoles formalized 5,077 mortgages.

Commercial banks’ mortgage lending started to slightly recover during the year, and as of December 2010, commercial banks’ mortgage portfolios grew 10.6 percent to Ps.363 billion when compared to the year ago period. For the year, commercial banks formalized 104,021 mortgage credits.